JADE Annual Report 2018/2019

Dear reader,

Being a Network means believing in the value of growing together, working together and chasing together the same dreams. And that surely reflects in us.

After a year full of remarkable changes in our Network, we all share the same conviction: we are here to develop the future leaders and shapers of Europe.

Even though a lot has been achieved this year - from 2019 marking the beginning of the first Network Strategy to the rebranding of our 11 Confederations - there is still a long way to do. That is why following our 3-year roadmap is so important in order to lead our Network, towards what we believe is our bright future.

There are still many students we want to reach, in order to provide them with the opportunity to develop their skills with a practical approach. There are still many higher education institutions that
are oblivious to the concept of Junior Enterprises.

We work to ensure the development and expansion of our Network.
We believe in the potential of our Network - an European Junior Enterprise Network, more developed, integrated and recognised.

Thank you for a wonderful year.

David Gomes | JADE President and Head of Strategy, Events, Human Resources and International Relations

Isabella Florio | JADE Vice President and Head of Public Affairs, Alumni Management, Legal, IT and HQ Management

Diogo CarriƧo | JADE Secretary General and Head of Enlargement, Network Development and Internal Communication

Alex Lanaro | JADE Treasurer and Head of Finance, Private Cooperation and Communication