Author: Junior Enterprise Europe

Our partner Eurosender will help you to go abroad with a special offer. Are you ready for it?

Eurosender, the leading platform for shipping services in Europe, has helped students and expatriotes to save 100.000 EUR in shipping costs 2018, reaching the milestone for the first time. This year, yet another achievement, when Eurosender became an official partner of JE Europe.  Going abroad may seem like a big deal, but in reality, it is fairly […]

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Get a Premium Account at Statista!

Statista is the company behind, one of the world’s leading statistics portals. Customers such as Google, Bloomberg, Forbes, Procter & Gamble, or Porsche trust their high-quality market research, data intelligence, and content marketing services. Statista draws its great innovative power from its internationality and diversity with 550 employees from more than 45 nations and […]

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