Call for hosting JADE Autumn Conference 2019


This is one of the three pillars of the Network Strategy for the next 3 years. With this, we want to increase the Integration among the European Junior Enterprise Network, focusing on the exchange of best practices and enhancing synergies among JEs. For this goal, the perfect environment is international events!

Today we launch the call for your Junior Enterprise to host the JAC19 – acronym for JADE Autumn Conference 2019. The JAC is one of the four international events of JADE, and a very special and strategic occasion since the General Assembly (the first one of the new Executive Board of JADE) approves the Annual Plan and Budget of JADE.

It is an opportunity for your Junior Enterprise to gain international visibility, develop new skills and, moreover, to be part of a key pillar of our Network: its continuity.

Be part of our history. Help JADE ensuring continuity. Create a milestone in the future of JADE and your Junior Enterprise. In other words: host JADE Autumn Conference 2019.

Read more about the event and the details of the application in the following brochure! For any doubts, please contact

Are you ready to take another step into the future?

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