JADE Spring Conference 2019 / Report

The JADE Spring Conference 2019 took place from March 7th to March 10th 2019 in Brussels, where we hosted 450 Junior Entrepreneurs to experience an event full of workshops, exchange moments and a lot of fun!

The JADE Spring Conference is the biggest international event in the European Junior Enterprise Network, and it is an important mark for the Junior Enterprises across Europe since it is in this event where we deliver the European Excellence Awards – there are six categories which are delivered to the Junior Enterprises that outshined in specific areas.

This year’s topic “Step Into The Future” was related to the new era for the European Junior Enterprise Network – with the new Network Strategy officially started in January 1st, 2019, it is time to share it across the Network – because it is not only up to JADE to implement the strategy, but it is up to every single Junior Entrepreneur.

In this Event Report, you can find the information about the event, the activities and workshops held during the Conference and also some information about our communication reach. You can also download it here.

In case you wish to have more information, do not hesitate to contact us via events@jadenet.org