Looking for work experience? Apply now for the ‘CEO for One Month’ program!

If you are looking for work experience this summer, the Adecco Group is offering you the opportunity that your professional career deserves. Guess what? Yes! The ‘CEO for One Month’ program is back in 2019. So, why would you apply to any other job when you can participate in this life-changing work experience? Although the registration process has already closed in some countries, there are some others that still have open vacancies. Apply now here!  But don’t hesitate too much, the deadline to receive applications is the 16th of April so come on! Give yourself the chance to learn everything about the labour market and the business world from a high-level leadership perspective.

Why participating in this job experience is a challenge in itself? Because the application works like a current recruitment process, for which you will have to prepare a winning CV and cover letter to get noticed and do the necessary meetings and interviews with Adecco’s recruiters. Right at this moment, you will already be learning a lot about recruitment processes to put to practice in your near future.

What if you are selected for the next stage of the process? Then you will start working within the Adecco filial in your country, which means that you will be working inside a Fortune 500 Company with real cases. Develop your best skills and demonstrate that you are curious, creative and with a willingness to always be learning!

And if you pass this stage, what is waiting for you? You will travel to a major city to participate in a Bootcamp with the other 9 young international talents selected. This will be your last opportunity to show your highest listening, communication and teamwork skills. Working with different people from different countries and backgrounds will give you the chance to get different approaches and learn from new points of view. In short, you will reinforce, without a doubt, your future abilities to solve problems and to think creatively. The reward for all of this hard work is to be selected as the ‘CEO for One Month’ of 2019. But, as you can see, the whole journey there is already valuable work experience!

What does it mean to be selected as the ‘CEO for One Month’? Right after being selected as the ‘CEO for One Month’, you will join the Adecco Group’s Global CEO, Alain Dehaze, on his journey. So get prepared to take planes every day, visit different countries in different continents, and meet very important people around the world such as politicians and institutional figures. In short, be part of every decision taken in a multinational like the Adecco Group and get to know what working as a real CEO is like! But wait, there’s still more. During this month, you will be paid 15,000 euros to invest in your further studies or future professional projects. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Now, think hard. You can apply to any other work experience, of course! But don’t forget to apply to the ‘CEO for One Month’ program as well, because you never know how things can change in your favour. You already know that you are a natural born leader, so dare yourself! The Adecco Group is really waiting to have you on board. Good luck!