#OurBrightFuture \ Empowering youth towards the Sustainable Development Goals


In January 2016 the United Nations published the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a list of targets to be achieved by 2030 that aim to end poverty, protect the planet, ensure peace and prosperity.

The goal number 4, “Quality of Education” is defined as: “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”. Within this statement, the Junior Enterprise concept can play a key role: a student NGO, exclusively run by students, which provides services to companies and organizations with the main goal of developing the skills of its members. Junior Enterprises complement every day the education of more than 40.000 young people with a hands-on experience, boosting their employability, their willingness to start a business.

Since 1967, Junior Enterprises have created active citizens and connected them with their peers from all over the world following the motto “Together We Grow”. Junior Enterprises have shaped current leaders and innovative entrepreneurs. Would Sylvain create his FinTech startup with offices all over Europe without this experience? Or, did you know that Manuel Heitor, the Portuguese Ministry of Education comes from a JE? Junior Enterprises are not just allowing people to develop skills, but are giving them the tools to impact the society in a positive and meaningful way.

The 17 SDGs are a highly symbolic message: they represent the global commitment towards a better future. At the same time though, the challenge has become to convert words into action, to make local something that is meant to be global. JADE believes that, due to the important role that Junior Enterprises are playing, it is important that we call our Network to take action and help them to acknowledge their impact. The Global Goals are meant to be achieved by 2030: but is this possible without the involvement of the next generation of adults? Is this possible without a cooperation between students, companies and institutions as the Goal n.17 stands for?

This is why JADE is now preparing its charter for the SDGs, to position our Network towards them and to call our stakeholders to work actively with us for a Better World.

Ensuring a high-quality education for all is pivotal to reach the other Goals. Junior Entrepreneurs acknowledged that they Generate Impact: now it is time to maximize it and to collaborate with others to make sure that active citizens and leaders will take on their responsibilities and the next challenges for a steadily sustainable world.


#OurBrightFuture is also made of a higher social impact


Watch the endorsement from MEP José Manuel Fernandes, acknowledging the work that has been done by JADE Network, on our Facebook page.