Get a Premium account on Statista

Statista is the company behind, one of the world’s leading statistics portals. Customers such as Google, Bloomberg, Forbes, Procter & Gamble, or Porsche trust their high-quality market research, data intelligence, and content marketing services. Statista draws its great innovative power from its internationality and diversity with 550 employees from more than 45 nations and offices in Hamburg, New York, London, and Paris. They have been awarded multiple-times as a leading innovative and digital company.

We partnered up with Statista and so you will be able to get a Premium Account for your Junior Enterprise or National Confederation!

Just follow these next steps:
1. Put Statista’s logo on your JE or Confederation website, on the “Partners” section.
2. Write a small text on the Website or Social Media mentioning you are using Statista.
3. Send an email to Jon Nielsen ( saying that you are a JE/Confederation belonging to Junior Enterprises Europe. Pleas state, that you were told about the chance to have the premium account. Then send him the links to check the logo and the text on your online appearances.
4. He will send back the credentials for the premium account.


If you have any other questions please send them to