Enthusiastic individuals working for extraordinary students​

We are 6 Junior Entrepreneurs living at the JEE House, in Brussels, and 15 working remotely. Together we help the European Junior Enterprise Network achieving its best results.

Executive Board

Leo Largillet


Giorgia Calvaresi

Vice President

Frederike Kopp

Secretary General

Vincent Bonneau


Brussels-based Managers

Silvia Ceruti

Winter Conference Manager

Ophélie Rafidinirina

External Relations Manager

Remote Managers

Miguel Almeida

Enlargement Manager

Diogo Lopes

Alumni Manager

Mario Trerotola

IT Manager

Mathis Monnier

Enlargement Manager

Nicolas Holzinger

Partnerships Manager

Maria Ciucă

Audit Manager

Hugo Rolim

Observatory Director

Gonçalo Quinta

HR Manager

Rabab Khatib

Public Affairs Manager

Antonio D'Ambrosio

Partnerships Manager

Lennart Jordan

Legal Manager

Duc Chihn Nguyen

Partnerships Manager

Ioannis Ntogias

Enlargement Manager

Duarte Jorge

Partnerships Manager

Roberta Ioffredo

Partnerships Manager

Junior Enterprises Europe

JEE is the umbrella organisation that represents, integrates and supports the European Network of Junior Enterprises.


Avenue du Frioul, 51
Evere, Brussels