Enthusiastic individuals working for extraordinary students​

We are 6 Junior Entrepreneurs living at the JEE House, in Brussels, and 15 working remotely. Together we help the European Junior Enterprise Network achieving its best results.

Julius Stoerrle

Mílton Fanfa

Mílton Fanfa

Vice President

Denzel Basso

Secretary General

Tatiana Guedes


Jan Bittner

Public Affairs Manager

Luigi Menna

Partnerships Manager

Miguel Sá Cardoso

Enlargement Manager

Yanis Duflos

IT Director

Pedro Veloso

Communication Manager

João Santos

JEE Winter Conference Manager

Laura Alessandrini

Enlargement Manager

Elena Ene

Observatory Director

Vasco Marreiros

Partnerships Manager

Guilherme Cavaleiro

Business Development Manager

Cristiana Jipa

Designer & Videomaker

Patrícia Pedro

Designer & Videomaker

Andrea Coletti

Network Diversity & Inclusion Manager

Sofia Mateus

Training Manager

Margarida Neves

Enlargement Manager

Marvin Knopp

Public Affairs Manager

Diana Lopes

Alumni Manager

Francisco Palrilha

Enlargement Manager

Juliette Ellul

Enlargement Manager

Mara Mateescu

Event Experience Manager

João Silva

Enlargement Manager
Advisory Board

Where we get advice

Arnaldo Abruzzini


Daniel Cloquet

BusinessEurope, Formerly Director for SMEs and Entrepreneurship

Steven Price

European Institute for Industrial Leadership, Executive Director

Fabian Zuleeg

European Policy Centre, Chief Executive

Daniel Schaubacher

European institutions of EBBF, Representative

Javier Echarri

European Business & Innovation Centres Network, Formerly CEO

Panos Katsampanis

The European Sting, Co-Founder

Ivo Matser


Junior Enterprises Europe

JEE is the umbrella organisation that represents, integrates and supports the European Network of Junior Enterprises.


Avenue du Frioul, 51
Evere, Brussels