16 countries, 370 Junior Enterprises

The Junior Enterprises are organised in Confederations. A JE without a confederation is a Consultative Member. 23 people represent the decision body of Junior Enterprises Europe.

Francisca Silva


Johanna Kortbuß

Germany (BDSU)

Roman Zhdanov

Germany (JC Network)

Lázaro Amor


Lucie Layat


Natalia Szczucka

Poland (ConQuest)

Ana-Maria Raluca Robu

Romania (BOS)

Finn Hennek

United Kingdom (Westminster Business Consultants)

Renske Daenen


Nicolai Perrod

Denmark (JESO)

Pauline Borremans


Raphaelle Bougler


Alexandra Christandl


Karla Ravnak

Croatia (NEXT JE)

Dimitri Bonan

Denmark (JECO)

Ambroise de la Haye

Ireland (CCD)

Marco Simone


Maciej Lubera

Poland (PBDA)

Elia Lorenzi

United Kingdom (HULT)

Euan Scott-Watson

United Kingdom (IJS)

Parker Holland

United Kingdom (Junior Enterprise Regent's)

We're part of something bigger

The Junior Enterprise concept is active in 46 countries worldwide, with 62 000 Junior Entrepreneurs working towards an impact in the academia, business world and society.


Everything started in 1967

To empower, through the Junior Enterprise concept, students capable and committed to generate a relevant impact.

Together We Grow

Despite our diversity, we work together, with a common purpose, to make a relevant impact.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

We are not afraid of innovation and new ideas — we rather embrace them, making things happen.

Meaningful Results

We work professionally with clear goals in mind for purposes we identify ourselves with.

Driven Attitude

Our goals are ambitious, but our determination and passion are even bigger. We prefer actions to words and goals to dreams.

Junior Enterprises Europe

JEE is the umbrella organisation that represents, integrates and supports the European Network of Junior Enterprises.


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Evere, Brussels