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Communication Manager

Brussels-based, Full-time

Success is led by the power of communication. It is about inspiring actions, connecting Junior Entrepreneurs and sharing ideas and value. Be the voice of JEE.

Your role during this experience

1. Responsible for JEE branding.


2. Design JEE communication materials.


3. Content producer for our website and social media.


4. Connect JEurs and deliver them valuable content.


5. Engage JEE audience.

What you will learn or improve

Self awareness. Being in Brussels gives you clarity of mind and allows you to shed some light on your creative process as communication manager.


Teamwork. You will work with a lot of people. You will learn how to manage expectations, opinions and feedback
from different teammates, and combine it with yours.


Technical skills. You will frequently work with a variety of software
to develop materials and projects for JEE. These can range from film making to branding. It allows you to be fully prepared for a career in any design field.


September 2022 – June 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

The work of the brussels-based Managers is voluntary and unpaid. However, the brussels-based managers do not pay for accomodation, daily food, fees, transport to international and national events and other expenses related to JEE projects or processes.

All members of our team are working voluntarily. Thus, we expect you to apply because you aim to grow with this experience and not for a monetary compensation.

Your activities in JEE are recognised as an internship abroad and in many countries you can therefore apply for different grants, such as Erasmus+ grant.

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