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Executive Board

Brussels-based, Full-time

You will manage 3–5 departments, aiming to develop and improve the European Junior Enterprise Network. Managing departments means to allocate resources towards the Network Strategy and coordinate a motivated team to achieve the defined goals.

Your role during this experience

1. Promote JEE and the JE concept to stakeholders.


2. Represent JEE and the network in front of European and international institutions.


3. Coordinate National Confederations’ international activities.


4. Lead the departments, projects and processes at the JEE HQ.


5. Maintain strategic thinking and implementing the long-term strategy for JEE and for the network.

The departments

Alumni Management

Communicate to and exchange with the
European Alumni Community, as well as JADUS (former JEE Executive Boards and Senior Project Managers). Inspire JEurs of today to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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Manage the social media of JEE, strategically organise the annual communication and manage the website design and content.

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Have the Junior Enterprise concept known all over Europe. Supervise all the enlargement activities helping JEE to create new Junior Enterprises and Confederations in Europe.

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Organise and supervise local and international events, especially JEE Winter Conference, Europe’s biggest annual event. Grow the network by fostering its integration and increase its visibility.

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Manage JEE’s financial resources, forecast and control the budget and allocate our cash flows towards our goals. Support JEE to increase reserves to achieve a higher level of financial sustainability.

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HQ Management

Be responsible for the house and headquarters, to guarantee a working and living efficient environment.

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Human Resources

Take care of JEE most important asset — PEOPLE. Manage the recruitment of the team and future Executive Board and bring the team together boosting their performance.

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Internal Communication

Be the central contact between the JEE Team and JEE Members. Handover the new International Managers in JEE and facilitate the decision-making process.

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International Relations

Manage JEE’s relations with other non-European Confederations and represent JEE at events of the global network. Be the link between the European and the global level.

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Coordinate all technical matters within JEE, be it maintenance of software in use or the programming of new platforms. Enable JEE’s headquarters and its team to do their work in an enjoyable technical environment.

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Manage all the legal processes, create contracts for various stakeholders, and provide the necessary legal support to your team and members.

Network Development

Ensure the sustainable development of our network by creating valuable resources, providing a training programme and connecting JEurs all over Europe.

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Private Cooperation

Manage JEE’s portfolio of services for partner companies and institutions, develop new products to improve our financial sustainability and take care of the relationships with our partners.

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Public Affairs

Develop new and looking after existing contacts with Europe’s policy maker. Cooperate with other NGOs and have a big impact for the network. Ensure JEE financial sustainability through grants.

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Develop and monitor an Annual Plan for JEE by gathering the stakeholders’ opinions, such as the Team, Alumni and International Managers. Ensure the strategic thinking of the organisation.

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July 2022 – July 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

On average, Remote Managers work 5–10 hours per week.

Yes you can. If you are not too busy in your Executive Board and you would like to work with us, we’re more than happy to welcome you in our team.

You don’t need to come to Brussels for a remote position. However we may invite you to come to the JEE HQ for training or other activities.

All members of our team are working voluntarily. Thus, we expect you to apply because you aim to grow with this experience and not for a monetary compensation.

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