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JEE Winter Conference Manager

Brussels-based, Full-time

Leading the organisation of the most important event of the Network will be both challenging and rewarding. You will work on different fields and develop numerous skills. Are you good at planning, organising, managing and coordinating? Then, this is for you!

Your role during this experience

1. Organise an event for more than 400 people.


2. Coordinate a staff team of 14 people.


3. Key contact with different event stakeholders.


4. Bridge between JEE team and the participants.


5. Manage the event budget.

What you will learn or improve

Organisation. At the core, you are organising a large event. This will lead you to work with a lot of data and also
schedules, so you will become better at
organising. Yourself, but also events.


Stakeholder Management. This can range from workshop holders, to partners and also participants. You will be in touch with everyone and improve how to interact and manage with them.


Negotiation. Throughout the organisation, you will have to constantly negotiate to ensure the best deals. There are a lot of things to learn and you will always need in live.


September 2022 – March 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

The work of the brussels-based Managers is voluntary and unpaid. However, the brussels-based managers do not pay for accomodation, daily food, fees, transport to international and national events and other expenses related to JEE projects or processes.

All members of our team are working voluntarily. Thus, we expect you to apply because you aim to grow with this experience and not for a monetary compensation.

Your activities in JEE are recognised as an internship abroad and in many countries you can therefore apply for different grants, such as Erasmus+ grant.

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