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Public Affairs Manager

Remote, Part-time

The work in Public Affairs is focused on establishing the JE concept further in society and strengthening current relationships with the European institutions and build new ones. Moreover, you’ll help to improve the recognition of JEE and its members on various topics, such as sustainable development and entrepreneurial education.

Your role during this experience

1. Maintain and build contacts with European Institutions.


2. Develop positions papers on behalf of the Network.


3. Help maximise the value of policy changes to the Network through educational content.


4. Explore fundraising opportunities for JEE from the public sector.

What you will learn or improve

Macro-level understanding. The work on European level requires you to take a look at the bigger picture understanding its impact.It is a key skill that will be useful throughout your career.


Relationship management. You have to work with multiple stakeholders such as NGOs and Institutions on multiple occasions. You’ll receive guidance on how to work and interact with high-level officials.


Support and Integration. You will be responsible to support and integrate our Network even more.


January 2022 – December 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

On average, Remote Managers work 5–10 hours per week.

Yes you can. If you are not too busy in your Executive Board and you would like to work with us, we’re more than happy to welcome you in our team.

You don’t need to come to Brussels for a remote position. However we may invite you to come to the JEE HQ for training or other activities.

All members of our team are working voluntarily. Thus, we expect you to apply because you aim to grow with this experience and not for a monetary compensation.

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