Unlocking opportunities
for professional growth
and cultural awareness


June 2023

Amplifon’s Journey

Amplifon is an Italian multinational company and global leader in hearing care retail market with more than 19,400 professionals who give back the joy of hearing, feeling, and living to thousands of
people across the world.


Amplifon’s journey began in 1950 when it was established in Milan by Charles Holland with a mission to provide hearing care to war-injured individuals. Since its establishment, Amplifon has grown to become the main player in the hearing care industry.


With a rich heritage and a commitment to innovation, Amplifon operates in 25 countries across North and South America, APAC, and EMEA.


Empowering a Multicultural Workforce
Amplifon recognizes that a diverse and culturally competent workforce is essential for meeting the
needs of its customers worldwide. That’s why the company has established Global Mobility as a key pillar of its HR strategy.


These programs not only provide employees with valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth, but also ensure that Amplifon can effectively serve its international customer base.


Benefits That Extend Beyond Career Progression

The Global Mobility programs at Amplifon offer a range of benefits that go beyond traditional career
advancement. Through international assignments, employees gain valuable skills, cultural
awareness, and the opportunity to build global networks. These experiences empower individuals to thrive in a dynamic business landscape and contribute to Amplifon’s success as it continues to expand globally.


Embracing Diversity and International Opportunities at Amplifon

Amplifon fosters a diverse workplace with over 100 nationalities represented among its corporate population and more than 90 employees engaged in international mobility projects.

The Global Mobility programs open doors to international paths and provide numerous benefits for employees.

By investing in international programs, Amplifon offers employees accelerated career progression, enhanced skills development, and personal growth.


Unlock Your Potential with Amplifon

If you’re seeking to expand your horizons, make a meaningful impact across borders, and join a company that values multiculturalism and diverse opportunities, we invite you to visit Amplifon’s career website at careers.amplifon.com.

Explore the exciting possibilities and embark on a journey of professional growth and cultural awareness with Amplifon. Make sure to have a look at Amplifon’s Graduate Program, which offers young graduates an international career path from their very first steps after university.