Learning from others’ experiences

Using the power of the JEE Network to make future study decisions

April 2022


This century gave us the opportunity to share information with each other more easily than ever. With the advent of the internet, all sorts of individuals and groups in society started sharing their knowledge and experience about all sorts of topics. Whether it is about testing and reviewing products, sharing experiences about hotels, transports or activities one has done during holidays. Reviews have become a major decision factor in deciding to buy a new product or to decide the next holidays. And the more reviews there are the better, because an increase in number of independent resources increases the reliability of the given information.


Besides the advantages of product and holiday reviews, students can also leverage on reviews of universities. Nowadays, universities try to attract students with more and more offers in various fields; let it be with a variety of student associations, a prestigious name, top level education, multidisciplinary approaches or an international campus to only name a few possibilities. However, as much as all these offers are valuable and highly appreciated by the students, it does not necessarily make the decision for the university easier. In fact, it makes it harder. Especially, since some of the offered programmes are very new and not known well in public yet, it makes it very hard for the student to decide what would be the best fit for the own career and development. Fortunately, there are also platforms developed already, which let students review their universities and write about their experiences to make it easier for future students to understand whether their next career step fits with their university choice or not.


One of the platforms, which aims at making this easier is JE Europe’s partner EDUOpinions. They are a platform for students enrolled in European universities and business schools, in which each one can provide a review about his/her programme and/or university and by that help other students in their decision on their future career path. At Junior Enterprises Europe, we believe in the power of the network and with our diverse network from all over Europe, we can help each other making better decisions on our educational choices based on the experience of others. There are already multiple other student NGOs giving their reviews as partners to EDUOpinions like ESN, BEST and AEGEE to just name a few of them.


What benefits do we as Junior Entrepreneurs get from such a review platform? EDUOpinion is a user-friendly platform, which is easy to access and understand. The review process is depending on your time quick and easy, as you can write as much as you want. You can give your review in just 2 minutes or you can take some more time if you really want to describe the benefits or also disadvantages of your university. The platform verifies all reviews, which means that the reviews you find on the platform are reliable and real. As a Junior Entrepreneur, all of us are somewhere in the middle of their studies and many of us still have to make the decision on their next university at least once. Especially, when it comes to international universities, the platform can help each Junior Entrepreneur in finding peers, who already studied there and who can give advise to them. You can even ask follow-up questions or maybe connect outside the platform to get more detailed answers to your questions.


With our reviews, we increase the portfolio of universities and programmes on the platform and increase the amount of information for each university. This does not only help EDUOpinions, but also helps an enormous amount of students in our JE Network and also outside of our network. Especially mentioning in our reviews the involvement in our JE, can help to spread the concept and increase the concept’s visibility externally.

Taking some time to write a review is a small task for each one of us, which takes a little effort of course, but at the same time the accumulation of all our reviews can have an impact on others and make the difference.

If you want to learn more, check out their website or review your own university right away by clicking here

Written by Christian Leone,
Partnerships Manager at JEE



If you have more questions or just want to talk with us, please send us an email at privatecooperation@juniorenterprises.eu.



Disclaimer: as our partner, we want to support EDUOpinions in having more reviews, especially from our network. We want all Junior Entrepreneurs to know that there are also other platforms to share university experiences, but EDUOpinions is one of the bigger ones and with this we want to also let Junior Entrepreneurs know that in the future they can also find reviews of other Junior Entrepreneurs on the platform, which can be useful. Also, by giving a review on the platform each Junior Entrepreneur does not have to pay anything, yet, JE Europe will get a small financial support from EDUOpinions. This means by giving your review you do not loose anything but directly support our and other student networks and indirectly the JE Europe Network, which then further supports and integrates the concept in Europe.