Jobs Opportunities

December 2022

Quidgest is a global technology company based in Lisbon, Portugal, pioneer in the area of artificial intelligence applied to software development since its establishment, in 1988.


Our mission is to give everyone the ability to develop software without prior experience or knowledge in programming. This is accomplished through Genio, an agile software development platform that enables people from all areas and backgrounds to create technology solutions.


Modern times require innovative approaches, and the new method is to empower subject experts, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and innovators to develop their own digital products or services. As a result, what was once an area where only technology experts were able to prosper is now within the reach of everyone.


At Quidgest, we use Genio for creating IT solutions because we believe that people should focus on innovation and ideas for improving our world, not coding.

Using Genio, we build and implement future ready software solutions for data management and process innovation to clients across the world in public administration and citizen services, finance, energy, telecommunications, and health.

Visit https://quidgest.com/en/about-quidgest/careers/ for job opportunities at Quidgest.



If you have any questions, please send them to privatecooperation@juniorenterprises.eu.