Happy international day of Friendship!

Friendship as the way to build bridges between communities and fostering inclusion and diversity.

If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together… There is something that you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think but the most important thing is, even if we’re apart … I’ll always be with you. 


Today, July 30, 2021 is the international day of friendship and we could not start without quoting the most known UN-nominated friendship ambassador, Winnie the Pooh. In fact, we, at Junior Enterprises Europe, believe that friendship and connections are synonymous with bonding, and those common bonds transcend the share of a characteristic or of a trait: it includes the promotion of a global commitment and the understanding of what diversity and inclusion mean. And we always do our best in promoting kindness and togetherness. 

The idea of globally celebrating Friendship Day came to Dr Ramon Artemio Bracho on July 20, 1958. As he sat down to dinner with his friends in a town in Paraguay, the merry group of friends gave way to the World Friendship Crusade – an international civil organization that campaigns to foster peaceful culture through friendships. It was meant to be a foundation that would promote friendship and fellowship among humankind, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or religion. Following this, the General Assembly of the United States designated July 30 as International Friendship Day in the year 2011. The assembly even went so far as to invite all the member states to celebrate the occasion in accordance with their own customs and practices.

Our planet today faces many challenges, shortcomings and crises, such as violence, human rights abuses, gender inequality, poverty, and global warming. All these challenges require us to act together as they, among other things, minimize security, development, peace, and social stability among human beings. Friendship remains among the simplest ways to promote a spirit of unity, solidarity, and tolerance. So, thanks to the United Nations, we got reminded that hopefully there is some good in our world and that we have to foster the connection between people and the building of bridges among countries, and even ideologies. Friendship stands against oppression and prejudice, detesting violence; in fact, meaningful relationships provide emotional and social development opportunities.

This day really places emphasis on involving young people, as future leaders, in activities that include different cultures and promote understanding and respect for diversity. Few of the objectives given by the UN for the International Day of Friendship are the promotion of sustainable, economic and social development, the respect of equal rights for all, the advancement of understanding, solidarity and tolerance and the attainment of international security and peace. 

But why is the concept of friendship so important for Junior Enterprises Europe? 

Friendship provides opportunities for growth, open discussions, and selflessness, promoting acceptance and mutual understanding, fostering trust. These are the same elements that we see relevant for participation in our Network. One of our strategic goals is to foster Integration. This starts with open discussion and exchange to build trust. This trust between Junior Enterprises and the people in them is the most important building block for projects in collaboration.

Friendship is realizing you’re on a journey with someone while enjoying it together, supporting each other, and providing comfort and encouragement.
It’s all about sharing a part of your lives, and friends add something to your current personality and beliefs as you spend time with them, and the part when you do things together makes it such a wonderful experience.

Friendship is a basic tool to make the world people prosperous and peaceful. This is also a key source to maintain social harmony and mildness among societies. By developing the trends of friendship among people, societies and countries, we can achieve a better level of stability, solidarity and peace. And we have to do our best to achieve them. Together.


If you want to share your personal thoughts on friendship or just want to talk with us, please send us an email at publicaffairs@juniorenterprises.eu.