How can the next generation drive change in the business world?

For a sustainable future through Circular Economy

At the 14th Edition of our Generations Club, we discussed how those entering the labour market can drive change in the business world. Out of these discussions we produced a report with 13 recommendations towards students, businesses and the academic world to foster entre- & intrapreneurship.

Generations Club is the main Public Affairs event organised by Junior Enterprises Europe, formerly known as JADE – European Confederation of Junior Enterprises. It usually takes place in Brussels every year and this year was the 14th edition, but the first one online.

It is an event in which the Senior and Junior generation come together to discuss topics that impact us. In its early days, this was used to discuss entrepreneurial education and expectations between the generations. We had several youth NGOs, NGOs including EIIL and the Club of Rome EU Chapter and representatives from the business community with us. We are thankful for everyone who joined us and is looking forward to the next editions.


You can read the full report and all our recommendations here.


Written by Julius Stoerrle, President at JEE


If you would like to discuss any of the recommendations, have more questions or just want to talk with us, please send us an email to