Get Published Programme

Submit your articles and get them promoted by Junior Enterprises Europe

This programme exists to give the opportunity to our Junior Entrepreneurs and Junior Enterprises to share their articles with the Junior Enterprise Network.


The article will be published on our Medium page here.


The only requirements we have for you are:

1. The article must be about a JE related topic (e.g. a project of your JE; Junior Entrepreneurship as a concept and its impact; success stories of your alumni; etc).

2. It must have added value for the Network — articles that simply promote a project will not be accepted in that form, try instead to tell us how you managed to develop such a project, what skills did the members involved gained and what was the impact of the project.


To get your article published, please send us an email to and start the subject of the email with [JEE Get Published Programme].


After sending your article, we will review it and give it feedback, if necessary and then schedule the publishing date.


Written by Mílton Fanfa, Vice President at JEE

If you have more questions or just want to talk with us, please send us an email at