JEE Annual Report 2020/2021

Brussels, Sunday, 25th July 2021.


Junior Enterprises Europe (JEE) presents its Annual Report for the term 2020/2021. The last year prompted us to adapt our activities. This Annual Report is designed to showcase the achievements of the European Network in the last year and help you understand where we as a Network are right now.


Today, Junior Enterprises Europe is an umbrella organisation that represents more than 33,000 students coming from 370 student-run businesses, also known as Junior Enterprises, from 16 European countries. A cumulative turnover of €13m per year, coming from over 5,100 consulting projects, showcases the proactivity of the Network that benefits students, universities, SMEs and other stakeholders, thus leaving a significant impact on the local and international business world. Following the “learning-by-doing” philosophy, our concept bridges the gap between academia and the business environment.


“In the past year we adopted our activities to match the challenges for international collaboration we were presented with, but through the motivation and resilience of our Junior Entrepreneurs we were able to grow and deliver more projects.” says Julius Stoerrle, JEE President 2020/2021.


The report can be found here.

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