What is the role of student-led entrepreneurial organisations such as Junior Enterprises on entrepreneurial intention?

Evidence from an open access publication at the Journal of International Entrepreneurship by Giuliano Sansone, Ughetto Elisa and Paolo Landoni

By analysing one of the largest Student-Led Entrepreneurial Organizations in the world (the Junior Enterprises Europe – JEE), a recent publication shows that active participation in JEE increases the Entrepreneurial Intention of their associates.


Interesting, the authors discovered that other important drivers also increase students’ entrepreneurial intention, that is, the Science and Technology field of study and the knowledge of more than two foreign languages.


“Student-Led Entrepreneurial Organizations are relevant for fostering student entrepreneurship. For instance, learning-by-doing is fundamental for entrepreneurial abilities and bottom-up activities are able to involve all the universities students.
We believe that other actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem need to collaborate and work with Student-Led Entrepreneurial Organizations to improve entrepreneurial activities.”
Giuliano Sansone
Assistant Professor at Prague University of Economics and Business


You can read the full papers and all the implications for free here.


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